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Debbie Souza
Career/College Guidance Technician

909-989-1600 Ext: 2010

7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Monday - Friday

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ROP registration steps

Step 1:  Click on appropriate semester schedule to select a class

Step 2:  Fill out an ROP enrollment card

Step 3:  Drop off the enrollment card at the Career Center M101 or Main Office (wooden drop box)


Class Schedules and Enrollment Card:


Fall Schedule 2019 (PDF)

Pdf ROP Enrollment Card.pdf




Our mission is consistently high-quality, rigorous

and relevant Career Technical Education

that equips students for their future.


We believe we must inspire lifelong learning,

empower our students to make informed career decisions,

offer viable opportunities,

and prepare students for enduring and emerging careers.

Baldy View ROP

Scholarship Bulletin

Scholarship Information

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


YMCA - (562) 665-2603

ROP Scholarship Opportunity

Money For College

Armed Forces

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Career Center

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How to enroll into a rop class

Special Note: The Career Center will be closed during the Summer (June 2, 2019 - August 6, 2019).  Students can still register for Fall courses by follow the directions listed below.

Fall Rop Registration:

1. The Fall course catalog is on the left side of this page under ROP Registration Steps.

2. Register Online

Once a student registers for a class make sure to come to the Career Center M101 to pick up the final class enrollment documentation on Wednesday August 7, 2019.   

Do not forget, as this is the documentation needed for the first day of class. 

Summer Job Opportunity 2018

Rancho cucamonga high school news

Discover Grand Canyon Univresity

Fly-In is "FREE" Yes "FREE"!

Students will be flown out to Phoenix (FREE)Stay in dorms, take a campus tour, and visit a student event- basketball game or other athletic events!

This is the perfect opportunity to see if Grand Canyon University is a good fit for the student

For Dates in 2018-2019 Contact Below:

*If you are an interested student contact Emily Baldwin (information below)


  • We are rolling admissions and still accepting applications.
  • Our nursing program is no longer accepting transfer students in order to be fairer to our current students. Therefore, only students starting as freshman at GCU will be able to apply to our program
  • Our nursing program is now ONLY fast track meaning they are graduating in 3.5 years with their BSN
  • GCU is transitioning back to our original non-profit status
  • New Major: Cyber Security
  • Engineering does not require a separate application (nursing and athletic training are the only programs requiring additional app process)


Emily Baldwin,MS
University Admissions Counselor

Traditional Ground Campus
3300 West Camelback Road | Phoenix, AZ 85017
Mobile: (909)-472-1937  Office: (602) 247-4923   Fax: 888-286-6920


Career Aptitude Tests and Exploration

1.Career Cruising:   User name: rcucamonga     password:  cougars

2.  My Next Move

3. California Colleges

4. California Zone

5. Career Cafe

6.  Who Do You Want To Be

Summer Program Oportunities for High School Students


Are you a graduating Senior who is looking for a job?

... HCI Systems has job opportunities for graduating seniors 2018. 

Take a look inside the brochure and the contact information is on the last page. 

HCI Job Opportunity

HCI Job Opportunity.pdf


Caregivers Summer Training
Universal Technical Institute Summer Program


Pomona Calif. Conservation Corps



BVROP Foundation Scholarship

  • Scholarships are awarded to adult students and high school students who are currently enrolled in or have completed an ROP course and will be pursuing post-secondary education. Last year the Baldy View ROP Foundation awarded over $6500 in scholarships to ROP students!
  •  Applicants must complete an application, which is attached to this email. Applicants may also access the Foundation Scholarship application by going to the BVROP webpage below.
  • Copy and paste:
  •  Students selected for scholarships will be honored at the Student Success Awards on Monday, April 10th at the Upland High School Highlander Auditorium!

 Ronald McDonald House Charities

  • Deadline, January 18, 2017
  • Graduating Seniors apply :
  • More information visit:

The Christermon Foundation

Beverage Industry College Scholarship Program

  • Deadline, February 1, 2017
  • Pre-requisites and information:
  • Scholarship Link: to download a worksheet, instructions and qualifications.

Rider University (Several University Scholarships for attending Rider)

  • Trustee Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Dean's Scholarship
  • Founder's Award
  • Rider Recognition Award
  • to gather more information

NOTE:  Universities will have in-house scholarships for their campus.  Go online to each universities webpage and review their financial aid listing. Look for institutions on scholarships and qualifications.

Career Center Information

4 Skills & 4 Steps to a Successful Career

Industry Sectors

Career Center Locker
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