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Rancho Cucamonga High School
(909) 989-1600
7:30-4:00 M-F

Administration Office

RCHS Administration

Mr. Cary Willborn
Jill Snyder, Administrative Secretary
Ms. Joni Siegel
Assistant Principal of Instruction
Gina Rodriquez, Instruction Secretary
Mr. Jeremy Hansen
Assistant Principal of Achievement
Elaine Munoz, Achievement Secretary
Mr. Tom Mitchell
Assistant Principal of Educational Services
Stacy Ransdell, Educational Services Secretary
Ms. Deanne Moore
Assistant Principal of Discipline
Kathleen Espinosa, Discipline Secretary
Contact Us
Kathleen Espinosa (909) 989-1600 ex: 2028 Discipline Secretary
Jeremy Hansen (909) 989-1600 ex: 2024 Assistant Principal, Achievement
Thomas Mitchell (909) 989-1600 ex: 2026 Assistant Principal, Ed Services
Elaine Munoz (909) 989-1600 ex: 2025 Achievement Secretary
Stacy Ransdell (909) 989-1600 ex: 2027 Ed Services Secretary
Gina Rodriquez (909) 989-1600 ex: 2023 Instruction Secretary
Joni Siegel (909) 989-1600 ex: 2022 Assistant Principal, Instruction
Jill Snyder (909) 989-1600 ex: 2021 Administrative Secretary
Cary Willborn (909) 989-1600 ex: 2020 Principal