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Academic Decathlon

Rancho Cucamonga High School Academic Decathlon

Mr. Nath
Phone: 909.989.1600

Academic Decathlon Information

Academic Decathlon: 6 Reason Why You Should Join

  1. Looks good on your college transcript: Former decathletes are currently attending or attended Stanford, Cornell, Pomona, Berkeley and Princeton.
  2. Get 5 units of elective credit. Pass/fail option available for the GPA conscious.
  3. Become teammates with some quite extraordinary people and have a great time ending your school day.
  4. Have fun learning lots of fascinating information and gaining significant real-life skills such as speech giving and interviewing techniques.
  5. Opportunity to fly to Sacramento free if the team places high enough at county competition.
  6. Show the county of San Bernardino just how smart you really are.
  7. See Mr. Nath in E 203 for more details.

RCHS Academic Decathlon

Since its inception, Rancho Cucamonga High School has fielded an academic decathlon team for the San Bernardino County competition. Its initial coaches were Karen Gerdes and John Nath. At that time the academic decathlon was a club, and students who wished to participate had to meet after school and on weekends. Starting slowly, Rancho’s varsity academic decathlon team eventually developed into a force to be reckoned with, vaulting into the top 5 for 15 of its twenty-one years of competition. Its initial team consisted of Sabrina Bow, Scott Shipley, Andy Wang, Manijha Kadir, Michael Mallari, Chanee Pruett, Amanda Gray and Nicole Stevens. Those students began a legacy that continues to the present. Since the 1999 – 2000 year of competition, Rancho Cucamonga High School’s Team Purple has consistently placed in the Top Five, spending 11 of its competing seasons in the Top 3.


Year Placement
2014-2015 5th
2013-2014 3rd
2012-2013 3rd
2011-2012 2nd
2010-2011 5th
2009-2010 4th
2008-2009 3rd
2007-2008 3rd
2006-2007 4th
2005-2006 3rd
2004-2005 3rd
2003-2004 3rd
2002-2003 2nd
2001-2002 3rd
2000-2001 3rd
1999-2000 7th
1998-1999 14th
1997-1998 8th
1996-1997 8th
1995-1996 3rd
1994-1995 8th
1993-1994 13th
1992-1993 12th