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Kelsi Holton

Course Description:


My goal is for you to acquire Spanish. “Acquiring” a language is different from “learning.” Acquiring happens to you as you listen to the language and gradually begin using it. That is why I want to spend nearly all of the class time speaking Spanish and why we will be doing more listening and reading than speaking and writing. These skills will develop naturally as you listen and read. I am focusing on what is called “comprehensible input” and using the TPRS method (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling).


In class, we will be working on the acquisition of high frequency words and structures--about six of them each week. I will assess you on the target structures. We will use these words and structures in class discussions, stories, and cultural explorations. You will be expected to recognize them when you read or hear them, and, in time, be able to produce them in speech and writing. We will be using written materials that contain the structures as well as writing our own stories. Together we will be responsible for negotiating in an environment where Spanish will be used for speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


Because nobody pays attention to anything uninteresting, it is the instructor’s responsibility to provide the target structures necessary for students to drive the conversation. It is the students’ responsibility to be interesting and present.


The methodology of instruction of this course is aligned with the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the theories of Dr. Stephen Krashen.

Ms. Holton
Ms. Holton