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Mr. Beauchamp
Andrew Beauchamp Locker


Sonora High School (Diploma)

Fullerton College (AA)

California State University Fullerton (BA)

California State University Los Angeles (MA)


Chaffey Joint Union High School District 28 years

Single Subject Clear Social Science Credential

Mild/Moderate Specialist of Instruction Special Education Credential

Resource Specialist Certifcate

Drug Awareness and Recognition Certification

Drug and Alcohol presenter (Too Good For Drugs, Chaffey Substance Intervention)

Autism Spectrum Disorder Certifcation

Andrew Beauchamp

Tutorial Philosphy

Welcome to Mr. Beauchamp's Tutorial School loop page!

This class is designed for students who have a rigorous academic schedule and need time during school to get assistance on class work and homework.  Students are responsible for knowing what they need to do to be successful. This is a High Scool not an elementary school. I will encourage and remind the students that this time is for completing any and all work in any class during the day. The students have access to computers during this class. They can do research, access school loop, write papers, and print out assignments. I am a "Highly Qualified" teacher in all content areas, as well as Credentialed in Social Science, Journalism, Special Education and a Master of Arts in Special Education, however, I am not an expert in every area of RCHS curriculum, so, I will allow students to go to other teachers during this class to get specific help in areas I do not feel competent in.

Grading in this class is based on how the student is doing in their other classes. I look at school loop and average all six of their grades. If there is no grade, I average based on the number of grades listed. In the case where no grades are posted or only one or two are listed, I will assume the grades are 'A's'. This can present a problem if when grades come out they turn out to be failing the classes that did not post them beforehand. In this case I will begin contacting those teachers to get more accurate information. They KEY TO ALL THIS IS: THE STUDENT SHOULD KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN CLASS SINCE THEY SIT IN THE CLASS EVERYDAY!

All of my students and parents can have my personal cell phone # so that they can contact me anytime for any reason. Please School loop me for the number.