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After 30 years in the classroom with students, I am now a part of your student's quest for their future. They create this future for themselves daily. Regardless of how much we as adults communicate or want them to succeed, it is still the student's own choices and devotion to study which make the difference in his or her own success. Professionally, I have taught HS Science in Oklahoma, Arizona and California at both private and public schools. I coached wrestling for 7 years and spearheaded both the Environmental Club and the RCHS Botanical Center years ago (programs that I am still associated with). Over the years, I have taken thousands of kids on area field trips to enrich their educational experience and continue to do so. I have sat as chairman on the state department of education's committee for developing environmental education programs. I am a past chairman of the school's local curriculum steering  committee. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a BS in Biology/Botany and finished up my teaching credentials at the University of Arizona. Being Cherokee, I am drawn to activities that align with my nature based outlook of life. You'll find me with my son/nephews & other hiking buddies up in the many trails, canyons and ridge lines of our National Forest at least twice a month. I am currently am a sanctioned community leader for the "Cherokee Community of the Inland Empire" and enjoy a rich prayer life with hiking, guitar and writing as past times. Like you, today I live here in Rancho with my wife and two boys. I look forward to the journey we take from here onward and hope to meet you sometime during the school year.

Grades are updated when I have checked the work regarding completion and/or scoring for a given assignment. Depending upon how busy things get, I may update with 3-4 assignments at a time. Please do not assume that updating is a daily affair.

Student work is passed back after it has been graded and entered into a hard copy form of grade book. It is then entered into school loop. This student work is placed into a basket. Students are familiar with this basket and papers are passed back once every week or two depending upon work load. Students are to maintain a science folder or notebook of sorts where returned work is to be kept over the entire semester. This is of great importance as credit is issued to students who maintain this folder every 3-4 weeks during a "notebook check". Failure to have a properly kept notebook on the day of the check will result in loss of credit (3 pts)

Daily aims for instruction are to be recorded in the students' notebook in a section devoted to these aims. All aims are to be kept in one place and not scattered throughout their notebook for ease of checking (3 pts).

It is wise to not read too much into the daily ups and downs of grades. Such, will only drive one crazy. Rather, attempt to impact your grade over the long haul by faithful devotion to studies. Those who play carefully calculated numbers games are getting so wrapped up with numbers, that they miss the greater, over-arching meaning behind education. Good Luck.

Edward Young


This is your "Start Page" for me. Please click on the various messages on this page for a better understanding of how to use School Loop and to avoid the grief that could come from not reading it. Please use the course tabs in the upper left hand margin of this page to access information relating to your course. Thank you.

Late Work and Homework Policy

Late work is not accepted after the 7-day grace period given to all students. Hover over the assignment in question and the issue date will pop up. Count forward seven days. That day is the last day any assignment can ever be turned in.


Homework is not common in freshman Biology.

Why Take Notes?

If you are a student who has this fundamental question about why we do this a time or two each unit, then read this article.......

Mr Edward Young Department of Science
Mr Edward Young Department of Science
Edward Young Teacher

Grades are the result of a calculation that involves half of the student's credit as coming from the various assignments and the other half from their test average as the semester progresses.