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Blacks in the Military

(4 min) tv-pg

Learn how blacks serving in WWII helped forward the Civil Rights Movement.

Ain't I a Woman?

(3 min) tv-pg

Kerry Washington performs a speech by abolitionist and former slave, Sojourner Truth. Introduction by Viggo Mortensen.

Ellis Stevens


Celebrating Black History Month

(4 min) tv-pg

Condoleezza Rice: Memories of Dr. King

(2 min) tv-pg

In this video on Martin Luther King, we see an interview with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and hear what she has to say about the man who tried to change America. Don't miss this compelling story about her hometown and the king. See it all here in this inspiring short about a great man.

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Stevens Family

Bill Clinton on Martin Luther King Jr.

(2 min) tv-14

Bill Clinton speaks on his memories of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

RTJ "The Judge"