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Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Critical Thinkers who
- Apply logic and reasoning in decision making
- Demonstrate creativity in finding solutions
- Use technology as a tool for learning
- Identify problems and gather data

Academic Achievers who
- Complete a challenging curriculum
- Show mastery of State Standards
- Demonstrate proficiency and literacy in all subjects
- Prepare for college or career
- Use technology responsibly for research

Responsible Citizens who
- Respect diversity
- Maintain a healthy body, physically and mentally
- Interact in our school, and local and global communities
- Exhibit integrity and a positive work ethic
- Recognize that decisions and actions have consequences

Effective Communicators who
- Listen, speak, read, and write using academic language
- Use technology to deliver academic thought
- Acquire skills to work independently and collaboratively
- Creatively express themselves through a variety of mediums