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CTE Instructors

Bill Burke
Computers, Careers, & Finance
Business Ownership

Dale Bailey
Graphics, ROP

Matt Cataldo
Video Production
ROP Video Production,
ROP Web Design
Digital Filmmaking

Mark Cushman
Architectural Design I, II, III, & IV
Engineering Design I

Perry Johnson
Computers, Careers, &  Finance

Mike Lindensmith
Wood Design I, II, III, & IV

Bill Mulvehill
Work Experience

Chris VanDuin
Computers, Careers, & Finance

Career Technical Education

Rancho Cucamonga High School - Career Technical Education

Mark Cushman
CTE Department Chair
Email: mark.cushman@cjuhsd.net
Phone: (909) 989-1600 Ext. 2300
Fax: (909) 945-5355

CTE Pathways

Information & Support Services Engineering and Architecture
Building and Construction Trades Media Support Services
Manufacturing and Product Development  


Information and Support Services Pathway

Mastery of information technologies is an essential part of nearly all successful business organizations today. People who have experience in information support services are constantly in high demand for a variety of positions. Students in this pathway prepare for careers that involve the implementation of computer services and software, provision of technical assistance, creation of technical documentation, and management of information systems.  Many of these courses meet UC G re requirements.  These courses also meet Chaffey District  Computer Graduation requirements.

Building and Construction Trades Pathway

Cabinetry, Milwork & Woodworking


Wood Design -

This program begins with the safety precautions in using shop equipment. Once students have passed a safety test, they construct their own wood projects using a variety of tools and techniques. The course has four levels of instruction, so students can build on their skills each year. These courses meet UC A-G Fine Arts requirements.

Engineering and Architecture Pathway

Architectural Design -
The student will be learn about architectural design principles including line, forms, values of lines, textures, volume, space, and various art forms to develop interior and exterior living areas.  The student will use details and design criteria specific to particular styles of architecture to create homes to specific programs.  Students will design several homes using basic sketching and technical drawing techniques incorporating the above principles.  Students will utilize AutoCad, Revit, Solidworks software. These courses meet UC A-G Fine Arts requirements. This course also meets Chaffey District Computer Graduation requirements.


Engineering Design -
The Engineering Design course offers students a practical and theoretical study of the visualization techniques used by contemporary product designers. The curriculum includes studies in rapid visualization, aesthetics, materials and processes, presentation techniques, principles of design methodology, elements of art, product development, human factors, and prototyping. Students will utilize AutoCad, and Solidworks software. These courses meet UC A-G Fine Arts requirements.  This course also meets Chaffey District Computer Graduation requirements.

Media Support Services Pathway

Students in this pathway prepare for careers that involve creating, designing, and producing multimedia products and services. These services may include e-business web sites or computer enhanced visual media. These courses meet UC A-G Fine Arts requirements. This course also meets Chaffey District Computer Graduation requirements.


Video Production -
Digital Film Making offers students a rigorous study in the art of video production, video editing, film study, and the exploration of communication within the medium of film and television.  Students master the use of specialized vocabulary of the film and television industry as well as analyze film and its narrative structure.  Students examine the relevance of film/s to the social structure of the period while immersing themselves in the study of how to create films, and video projects. These courses meet UC A-G Fine Arts requirements. This course also meets Chaffey District Computer Graduation requirements.


TV Video Production -
This course is a news production-oriented class in which students spend the majority of their time working on the production of school’s video news bulletins, a video yearbook and news shows for distribution to cable TV outlets. This course is designed to give students an understanding of the techniques and concepts involved in the production of television news. The news productions that students work on provide a hands-on approach to experiencing and learning the techniques and concepts important to news production.  

Manufacturing and Product Development Pathway

Graphic Production Technologies -

This program will allow you to explore the world of print and it’s opportunities for you. We offer a multiple level program allowing you the opportunity to grow and expand your graphic skills.  Graphic communication is the nation’s third largest manufacturing industry, encompassing all phases in the processing of information for print and electronic media. It is an industry of artists, engineers, scientists, technicians, entrepreneurs, organizers and managers with opportunities, for those entering the job market out of high schools well as those planning to earn a college degree. It is a growing industry, rapidly evolving to meet the challenges of our digital age. This course also meets Chaffey District Computer Graduation requirements.

Chaffey College

Chaffey College and Rancho Cucamonga High School are working together to give students a head start on college. "Tech Prep" is a program that gives students the opportunity to earn course credit at Chaffey College and high school at the same time. Students can earn placement credit, which means the high school course will fulfill prerequisite requirements, and the student does not have to take the articulated college course. Students are also allowed to bypass a course through the Credit by Exam option where the student earns credit for the articulated college course and units will be posted on the student's college transcript.